Welcome to Top Body No cellulite! Dr Cédric Kron and I have put together a programme that contains everything you need to fight cellulite day to day, with Cédric offering advice and myself focussing on more practical aspects.

You will need to follow this guide as closely as possible in order to obtain lasting results. There are no shortcuts but if you do what it takes, you will succeed. Like with everything, however, you will have to do your bit, make a slight effort and remember that only hard work pays.

This programme is designed to give you all the keys to prevent cellulite forming or if cellulite is already present, help you to reduce or even eliminate it, through scientifically proven information, tried-and-tested methods and tips to help you day to day.

As with everything in life, you can't expect miracles but you can always make improvements so you feel better about yourself.

Sonia Tlev



Understanding the causes and factors that lead to cellulite in order to fight it with a suitable lifestyle.

Anti-cellulite programme

A 4-week workout programme specially designed to fight cellulite and easy to follow at home.

Massages & Creams

Self-massages to carry out with home-made moisturising creams to fight cellulite effectively.

Nutrition & Recipes

Recipe ideas and nutrition advice because eating correctly is the first step to beating cellulite.


Top Body No Cellulite, english version

The "Top Body No Cellulite" ebook is available in PDF format (English version).

  • 70 pages of anti-cellulite advice together with a 4-week anti-cellulite programme that can be followed at home.
  • Effective (self)-massages against cellulite as well as recipes for making moisturising creams and scrubs at home.
  • Recipe ideas and nutrition advice for an anti-cellulite diet.
  • Access to a secure members-only section to view videos explaining the massages.

Top Body No Cellulite is an ebook that can be viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone but you can also print it if you prefer.